CSI: Las Vegas

So the 7 hour drive through a snowstorm to Vegas was well worth it.  The car ran perfectly all weekend.  It ran so perfectly that I actually had a chance to drive down at U-Drift.  It was still pretty wet out but it was awesome to have some seat time.

-I may not be the best drafter out there but U-drift is a blast.  For anyone in the Vegas area I would definitely recommend checking it out.

The next day we were up bright and early to head down to the track.  We “parked hard” and Tyler went off to the drivers meeting while I fueled up the car.  After the meeting Tyler went out to go do some runs and the car just ran perfectly all day.  I had nothing to do except enjoy the event.  Plus Tyler for once was able to focus purely on driving.  What a weird feeling…

Thanks to Vegas Drift for putting on an awesome event as usual and to omgdrift.com for the killer photos.

It did give us plenty of time to catch up on our crime dramas.  Being in Las Vegas, we felt that CSI: Las Vegas was the only proper crime drama.



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