Top Drift Rd 3

We were able to make it out to Just Drift Top Drift Rd 3 at Willow Springs recently.  The weekend before we were up in Evergreen Washington for the Pro-Am event along side the Formula Drift event.  It was a great experience but we blew out tranny and weren’t able to get a replacement in time to compete.

We did however manage to get some press even with a broken car, and ultimately had a great weekend despite the dissapointment. Check it out Formula Drift even posted!

We have never gotten 800 people to like a photo of our car working… I guess we should just break it every event

What I was getting to was that we spent the week leading up to Top Drift figuring out our transmission problem and getting that working in time for the event.

As you can tell by this ^ we were able to get the car running well enough to do some practice.  We were stoked to finally have a car that was able to be qualified!  I was happy I put in a safe first run because on the second out issues began. I qualified 11th and was amped but we had a serious issue with how rich we were running.  We leaned the car out a bit but didn’t have the capability to change the tune so were worried about detonation and decided to play it safe.  In our top 16 battle I initiated and immediately straightened out as the car sputtered, we were still way too rich.

We stayed the following day out at willow to try some more things and were able to get the car closer to where we want it.

One thing I can say is that we are always moving forward and doing better in every event.  Its all about progression.

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